A Breath of Relief To The End of Politics

Deep Breath by Melanie Weidner

It’s finally the date most of America has been waiting for in these past tumultuous months. November 3rd, this present Tuesday, holds the weight of a 50-ton brick dropped upon a skull, the intensity of a tsunami pressing itself forward into a city. For many people it’s either the day things get better or the day the sun rises for the last time, and all of it is based on two men and a handful of people holding governmental power, and only that.

Yes, I use the phrase only that, because that’s all it is. A handful of men and women, better defined as monsters, attempting to implement rules and regulations that continuously benefit their pockets. Anytime we’ve looked up to our rule makers to sort out some reasoning as to why we’re living in this state of affairs, we’ve gotten no answers from the people in power. In the end we’ve been left high and dry, and completely alone within our circles to figure out how to navigate our lives, moreso how to just survive, in this world that has sit consistently cruel.

Sounds depressing, right? Sounds like nothing’s ever going to change. Whichever side you opt into, in the end nothing seems to actually change. If only the answers were so much more complex, but they are simple enough. It’s as simple as humanity. That’s right. It’s just that simple. That same respect, the same love, the same actions we provide and expect out of the people sitting in our inner circles, can so easily be stretched out to the rest of the world we live in.

Interestingly enough, I can’t help but to believe that when that’s all said and done, when the humanity takes center stage, the world itself is going to be willed to change, and not from the hands of the people placed in power but from the hands of the legitimate people, you and me.

I’m speaking human to human. When our respect from human to human is innate, there’s an affinity for listening, for attempting to understand, for doing both of those things along with speaking your mind. These days it seems as if the speaking part is the only one that’s done, and from there nothing more gets changed. From there we still sit in desolation and confusion, our lips flapping in the wind and our ears plugged to the ones we’re supposed to love.

But there needs to be that final understanding, I beg of it out of my fellow people. I know innately we are made of good, I can see it in my normal day to day. The last thing I’d want is for evil to take center stage, and putting politics in the forefront of a health pandemic, civil unrest, and a planet dying right before our eyes doesn’t feel correct to me. For some odd reason, with our human-made tornado growing larger and larger, we still have not seemed to figure out that the power is in every human’s hands, individually and collectively.

Putting politics in the forefront is evil, point blank period. It has halted us this past year, kept us from listening to one another and figuring out a way to both help and save ourselves and take the power back that we only feel has been taken from us. All of it is still there, all the power we assume is in the hands of the government. They don’t have it, we have it, the power to take care of one another, to feed and provide and understand one another to a point where the governmental powers that be won’t be the only important voices in the state of affairs in our country, and in our world.

I just need the people to know, me and everyone else, how much power is in our individual hands. A fishing rod and some seedlings set to grow into fruits and vegetables can keep you in a place where your grocery store is the last thing you have to worry about in the midst of a health crisis, and utilizing the materials and skills you have not only for yourselves but the neighbors in your communities as well could make all the more of a difference.

Could you imagine? If every individual took the skills they had, from the somewhat useless but history-making skill of writing I have, to the physically enduring and difficult skills of lumber and plumbing my partner has, to the skills of farming and economic trade that my parents have, just those sets of skills could feed a community of families, enough so that the skilled individual would be fed in return.

It’s more than possible to put ourselves at the forefront, to put our well-being, our livelihoods, and our happiness, not just within ourselves but within our communities, at the center stage of our lives. I think then we’ll make a stark difference in the world we live in, and from there our government would find their accountability taking center stage as well.

So in these trying times, while you sit and watch two men duke it out on who should run a country already so stained and tattered it could never re-arise with one man, or even one group, I hope you remember how much of a human you are, and I hope it sits at the forefront. After November 3rd, this present Tuesday, my only wish is to heave a great sigh and see to it the end of politics. The end of politics and the beginning of humanity taking care of humanity, one small step at a time.




My attempt at learning the ins and outs of the world I so do not understand.

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Angelique Redwood

Angelique Redwood

My attempt at learning the ins and outs of the world I so do not understand.

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